Windows 2000 - Optimize COM Port for External Modem or External ISDN Device

1) Open the 'Control Panel' folder in 'My Computer'.

2) Find and highlight 'System', click to open 'System Properties' panel.

3) Select 'Hardware' tab and then select 'Device Manager'.

4) Locate the 'Ports (COM and LPT)' entry. Select the COM port that your modem or external ISDN TA is attached to and highlight. Right mouse button and select properties.

5) Select 'Port Settings' tab and set 'Bits per second' to '115200' or if possible '128000'. Should you have problems online lower 128000 to 115200 or 57600. Set 'Data bits' to '8', 'Parity' to 'None' , 'Stop bits' to '1' and select 'Hardware' for 'Flow Control'. Now highlight and click on 'Advanced'.

6) Make sure that 'Use FIFO buffers' is ticked and then move 'Receive Buffer' and 'Transmit Buffer' to High. If you experience problems when connecting or online select the 'Defaults' option.

7) Click 'OK' and exit out of Device Manager. Windows may restart.