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               Residential Services




Unlimited (Attended*)

Monthly dialup rate

  Pre-paid yearly rate
$175.00 $14.60/Month!
No setup fees ever! Two Email Addresses  


Attended. Attended means that if you are not actively engaged in Internet activity using your mouse for a period of twenty (20) minutes or more you will be disconnected. However, a window will appear which will permit you to reconnect with just one (1) click of the mouse. This policy allows equitable use of the modem capability for all to use.

Technical Support is available for Internet access issues only. We do not provide technical support for software you may have installed on your computer.

Wireless Internet access
True unlimited service.
No log ons, no disconnects, no phone lines.
  For details please review the section dedicated to Wireless Internet access.
  When you choose's service you have made the smart choice to work with a local Internet Provider with over a decade of reliable service here in the Pahrump Valley. A local Internet Provider that cares and participates in the local community. A Local Internet Provider that cares about it's customers. There are no Long Term Contracts to sign, we don't do a Credit Check and we accept Cash, Checks or Credit Cards. We will not put you on a recurring billing that credits your card without your request to do so!
  Residential Wireless Packages
 Residential PC/MAC  
  Client Adapter, tax and setup Installation $150.00
  Monthly Access Call for package details

Hardware costs fluctuate with the supply and demand of the market place. It is best to call for a quotation of the latest low prices.

Setup includes includes installation of CPE (Client Premises Equipment) to your structure, antenna alignment for best performance, attaching Client Adaptor to Firewall/Router and testing operation.

Residential access has limits to the outbound bandwidth and Residential accounts are not allowed to host servers of any kind on the wireless connection. If a server is required to host pages or other commerical activities this can be achieved by signing up for an air-internet co-location or web hosting commercial account.




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