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Network Status - Fully Operational.
Aug 22, 2012 Status - Repairs complete.
  Aug 13, 2011 - More capacity added to backbone, additional infrastructure improvements to provide added bandwidth to additional sectors around Pahrump. Additional Hotspot Network Hotspot zones added.
Wireless Interference Status
      Local Interference can be caused by numerous sources. One of the main causes of inteference is caused by Self Interference. This is usually caused by other equipment on the premises in the same band as your wireless equipment such as cordless phones, video transmitters etc. You can test for this by turning off all other wirelesss equipment on the premises and observing if your problem improves. If not, the source could be caused by outside sources such as other transmitters in the area. A remedy is to have the antenna re-aimed to one of our other many locations in the valley and try to avoid the interference path.
      Space Interference such as Solar Flares and Spaced Based noise can cause interference to earth based systems including the power grid, radio and tv signals etc. On occasion this can intefere with our wireless network causing an increase in data errors and loss of reception and speed. These usually clear up quickly. This is the current interference status, click the link for more explicit info.
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:


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