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Frequently Asked Questions

           Q. What is Fixed Wireless Internet?
           Q. Are telephone lines required?
           Q. What is required to get connected?
           Q. What brand of hardware is used?
           Q. What can cause interference with the wireless system?
           Q. How secure is the system?
           Q. How reliable is the wireless internet system?
           Q. How fast is the wireless system?
           Q. How much does it cost?
           Q. How much is the hardware?
           Q. Do I own the hardware?
           Q. How much to set it up?
           Q. How does fixed wireless compare to Satellite?
           Q. Can I run a server such as a web server on the wireless?
           Q. Will online games work on the wireless?
           A. Fixed wireless is radio transmission in the microwave (ISM) band from a master antenna or a relay antenna to a fixed antenna at a business or residential location.
           A. No, telephone lines are not required to connect to the internet. When a PC is turned on you are connected. There is no requirement to dial up or log on.
           A.     1.) A true line-of-sight to any one of our many antennas, unobstructed by trees or any other structure.
         2.) Any internet connectable device that uses Ethernet connectivity. WiFi will work but you will need to provide a WiFi router which our installer can assist you in configuring or will configure for you.
           A. We use only the top of the line Hardware for our client adaptors and our system infrastructure. Our 2.4ghz network uses state of the art equipment from industry leaders. Our new 5.8ghz mesh network and our latest mimo networks use some of the most state of the art equipment available today. By using the best, we can assure quality performance and service at both ends of the system.
           A. There are quite a few sources in the valley including our Military that can on occasion cause interference on different bands of the radio spectrum. In some instances this interference may be permanent. There are currently many sources in the Pahrump Valley that can cause interference in the 2.4 Ghz band. Even though our system utilizes Digital Sequential Spread Spectrum technology (DSSS) along with expert systems administration, sometimes this cannot eliminate interference in the 2.4 Ghz band. Not to worry, we have multiple bands available and if interefence is detected during our site survey, we can recommend a different band and technology to get you online.
           A. The system is as secure as your PC is. If you do online banking or buy off the Internet with credit cards then you should have the latest encryption update which can be downloaded free from the Internet. It is advisable if you leave your PC online for extended periods of time to use either a software or hardware firewall.. Cisco products utilize spread spectrum technology, which is designed to be resistant to interference and unauthorized access.
           A. The system is extremely reliable. ( Better than 99% uptime in the last 12 months of radio operations).
           A. It is MUCH faster than any analog dialup modem! Our goal is to give you the speeds you need to utilize today's applications with ease.
           A. For residential customers it is as low as $39.95 per month Business rates are tailored to your needs and the number of computers. Call for A Quote. (775)751-5000
           A. Please refer to our Services page on this web site for the latest pricing plans.
           A. Older customers on the 2.4 Ghz network do own the equipment. This is not a lease arrangement. You may use this hardware with any IEEE 802.11 wireless internet system. On newer installations on the 5.8 Ghz mesh network, Air Internet owns the equipment and it is loaned to the customer at no charge while on the network.
           A. Please contact our office at 775-751-5000 for the latest pricing.
           A. Satellite is a great service in areas where there is no other connectivity. However, we feel that our service is far superior than anything satellite can offer at this time. There are plenty of arguments for both technologies but the basic fact that a satellite has to remain in Geosynchronous orbit located 22,241 miles away cause for all sorts of internet packet latencies and other issues compared to our 25 miles! Actually, we have so many bad things to say about our experience with satellite service that we stopped posting them here. You can see for yourself directly from the horses mouth here: Wild and Blue, or do your own research on the web so that you can make a proper decision.
           A. Servers are not allowed on the wireless for residential usage. Commercial accounts have an outbound bandwidth allocated to them based on their tier of service. DNS servers are expressly forbidden on the wireless network. If you need to host a dns domain entry we have a servers located on our backbone to serve your needs.
           A. Because we focus our network primarily on low latency and fast connectivity it is well suited for online games. However due to the nature of wireless connectivity and internet traffic during certain periods, some games may work, some may not, and some may work only at certain times. This is something that unfortunately we have no control over and cannot effectively troubleshoot or support. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

This FAQ page may not have answered all your questions so, Please feel free to email or call us:

           Email: or Phone: (775)751-5000

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