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The Pahrump Valley now has one of the most advanced and fastest growing technologies for the exchange of digital data. High Speed Wireless Internet Access. Pahrump was the second community in Nevada, next to Reno, to have this unique capability, which enhances the quality of life, not only for the residential user, but also for businesses providing a dynamic thrust to the economic growth of the business community. There are many significant advantages to fixed wireless service resulting from the cost effective use of high-speed digital access that eliminates the dependency on the local loops from the local "Telco" and expensive DSU/CSU equipment. No more dedicated phone lines; no more disconnects and no more logging on. Wireless provides a true "unlimited" service and freedom obsolete copper phone lines.

 Spread Spectrum

Tower Emissons!

     Air-Internet.Com's first phase network uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology that provides a higher quality of security and reliability, because of the difficulty to jam or detect signals. The military has used and developed this technology over two decades and it is now emerging as the leading edge for commercial applications. Spread spectrum is a highly efficient way of using radio waves to communicate, because it enables multiple users to share radio frequencies at the same time, usually without interfering with each other. Spread spectrum's efficient use of available bandwidth helps to connect small rural communities, such as Pahrump, and other outlying areas to the Internet.    Today, one can access the Internet using a wireless connection without incurring any telephone charges. With just the cost of the radio gear and low monthly access charge, high speed wireless internet is now highly affordable. Because of the great success and quality of wireless internet connectivity many new products utilizing this technology for use in the home have arrived to the marketplace, such as phones and wireless home routers. Due to the popularity of these products there have been many transmitters deployed throught the valley which may cause interference with this type of technology. Before deploying Air-Internet will perform a rf spectrum survey and decide wether or not the location is feasable to provide the quality of service and speeds we owe our reputation to. If deployment is not possible due to high noise thresholds, then connectivity to our Mesh Network could will be suggested. In fact today, approximately 85% of all deployments are on the our high speed mesh network to avoid interference issues.

 Pahrump Wireless Mesh Network

Mesh Node Depiction

     Air-Internet.Com has deployed a second phase network. This is a newer carrier class network utilizing the latest Mesh Network Technology. The advantages of this new network are many, including the ability for the network to self heal; the network can still operate even when a tower site breaks down or a connection goes bad. The new technology also has significant speed improvement over the older spread spectrum technology which will allow the customers to further enjoy the high multimedia content that the internet delivers today.

What is Required?

   · Wireless is a Line-of-Site radio transmission path to one of our MANY repeater sites through out the valley from a small antenna at your property.

   · There can be no obstructions such as buildings or trees with foliage blocking the path of the signal.

   · To fully experience the high speeds of Wireless Internet access we recommend a recently modern computer system with a recent operating system such as Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Or a recent Macintosh with a recent version of Mac os.

   · A professional setup, which is a hallmark of Air-Internet.Com, is critical to the success of your service. It is important that we use only the highest quality parts and above all, that your antenna is properly positioned to obtain maximum signal strength.


  · Service can be activated in a matter of days.

  · Once line of site has been established, the connection isn't susceptible to the type of weather related or accidental outages that can occur with wired networks especially during floods.

  · The internet of today is providing more and more media rich conent which is very large in filesize as well as the graphic intensive sites. Everyone with a slow modem connection knows the frustration involved in trying to view these types of sites. So advantage 1: Speed. There are few things more frustrating then being disconnected in the middle of downloading data, especially if it is a large file. Enter advantage number 2: No Disconnects. You find it very inconvenient not to be able to receive normal phone calls while surfing or researching on the Internet and have subscribed to a second phone line or are contemplating in doing so.
Advantage number 3: No phone lines. You probably have had Internet Service Providers (ISP's) who have price structures on a metering basis where you are charged so much a minute or hour. Or an ISP who may limit your time to so many hours per month or offers what is said to be unlimited when in actuality there were limits; are you ready for this?? Advantage number 4: UNLIMITED. Let me define what we mean by unlimited. We mean you are connected to the Internet anytime your computer is turned on and it means 24 x 7 access at no extra charge.
Bandwidth Comparison Chart

By now you must be asking yourself with all these marvelous features, what are the costs?
Click Here for Residential Pricing. Click Here for Commercial Pricing.
Please Call (775) 751-5000 to speak with a representative today.

     Air-Internet.Com will make a wireless connection to a Client Adaptor (router, hub and firewall) at each residence location. Computers must have an ethernet port installed to connect with our Client Adaptor. Air-Internet.Com can perform any networking beyond the Client Adaptor and first computer for an extra charge. Any additional premises wiring and cabling for other computers are the responsibility of the customer. It is the customers responsibility to either network his or her own computers or have an outside contractor do the connection. We are a Licensed Contractor in the State of Nevada and can install the wiring for an extra charge. For more information please contact our office at 775-751-5000.

                                   Business Solutions......... Call for Estimate

     Each business will have a unique requirement dependent upon the number of computers, whether they are networked or not and the intended use of the computers will determine the appropriate amount of bandwidth required.


     Air-Internet.Com strongly recommends the use of a firewall on your computer system. Most of the recent Windows operating systems contain a built in firewall. However versions of Windows prior to XP do not. You may choose a software solution or a hardware solution of your choice. A popular software solution can be found at:

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